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How to get hot in 4 easy steps!

1) Move to Phoenix, Arizona

2) You are now 100% always forever perpetually nonstop hot

3) My neighbors pool just caught on fire physics has given up

4) Please send for Jesus this place aint holy

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just casually going through my Instagram feed as one does and I forgot how much I love this picture of my Michael and I.

"One day I just woke up and realized that I can’t touch yesterday. So why the heck was I letting it touch me?"

- Steve Maraboli

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I get my car back from the shop after three weeks away and I think I’m most excited to have Bluetooth in the cab again.


why is caleb still in the house if he kissed amber in her sleep ….


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i am firmly pro selfie. i am firmly pro millennial. i am firmly pro any topic or issue that gets baby boomers to write pissed off articles in salon or slate or the guardian about how the millennial generation is fucked up and narcissistic and lazy and will never be taken seriously by established powers.

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Caleb has a real bad nice guy syndrome. Amber is allowed to be his friend without wanting to bone, but he thinks he’s deserving of her affection. giving her an unwanted kiss while she’s sleeping should be considered sexual harassment, and production needs to get on top of that right now.